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Meet Dr. Momberg

Dr. Landon Momberg moved to Maui in 2020 after living and working in Alaska for several years. Working with Indian Health Reservations required him to fly to remote Eskimo villages to complete dental treatment throughout the winter. Some of his highlights in Alaska include the northern lights, cheering on the Iditarod sled dog racers, and meeting his girlfriend.

Dr. Momberg is native to a small town in Manly, Iowa. He earned his Bachelor degree in Biology and Psychology from Iowa State University while competing on the Track and Field team. He went on to receive his degree in dental medicine from the University of Louisville where he learned to use a bow tie and attended the Kentucky Derby.

Dr. Momberg loves the Maui warmth and being outdoors. His hobbies include skateboarding, snowboarding, photography and most recently surfing and home renovation. You might see him at the skate park in Lahaina or riding his scooter in Kihei. Have you had a chance to meet Dr. Momberg yet?


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