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Teething Timetable

While this chart shows the arrival of the first baby teeth at 5 months, don't follow it too closely. Some babies are born with teeth (as a nursing mom my heart goes out to those mommas) and yet some will be toothless after 1 year of age. And children won't always follow the same timing as their siblings or family members. My 12-month old has 4 teeth when my first child already had 6 at his age.

Often the earlier a baby teeths, the earlier the permanent teeth will arrive. We've noticed at Kahului Dental children with Hawaiian ancestry tend to get their permanent teeth much earlier than the chart depicts, often at 4 years of age.

As a mom, counting every milestone it can get worrisome when our kiddo falls above or below the chart. While an xray could give us answers for the missing teeth, at Kahului Dental we try to avoid radiation exposure to our younger clients and don't recommend X-rays until school aged or if we are concerned due to decay or other unusual anatomy.

Source: Indiana State Department of Health

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