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Dr. Ho Joins Kahului Dental

Dr. Deborah Ho will be joining Kahului Dental on Saturdays. Dr. Ho has worked in a variety of offices from cosmetic dentistry to community clinics. She is native to a small town in Arkansas and one of five daughters. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry at the University of Arkansas. She was accepted to Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in which she received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

As a former student, it is her professional as well as personal passion to care, educate and help people obtain optimum oral health. She is motivated by the enjoyment of interacting with people and knowing that her patients are capable of having confidence and a great sense of satisfaction when it comes to their dental needs.

Dr. Ho met her husband here on Maui. They were married earlier this year joined by friends and family from all over. Her passions include her Christian faith, cooking and being a tour guide on Maui to all of her friends and family who have supported her throughout her career and travel half the nation to visit her.

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