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Back-to-school - Time for a Dental checkup

Now that school is back in session, it's a great time for kids to visit their dentist for an exam and preventative care. Make sure they get their teeth cleaned, x-rays and that they're cavity-free. Let's talk about setting good standards for your child's oral hygiene as it starts long before you book an appointment.

Healthy Foods.

  • Pack healthy lunches that avoid sugary and salty foods. Today I packed a handful of trailmix, half an apple, carrots, and sandwich for my 4th grader.

  • Try to teach your kids to reach for nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and cheese to promote a healthy mouth.


  • Reusable water bottle. Water helps rinse out all that food from the teeth and reset the pH balance in the mouth.

  • Say NO to juice, soda, and lollipops. Limit candies and sweets. Rinse with water after consuming.

Brush twice a day.

  • Kids need help brushing. Most children need help brushing their teeth until they enter school. For my kids between ages 2-6, they brush their teeth in the morning and I brush their teeth in the evening.

  • 2 minutes. You need about 2 minutes to do a thorough enough job. Let them play their favorite song as they brush their teeth to help the time go by. Don't skip at night. Evening time is the most important time to brush as the food and bacteria will sit on teeth for 10-12 hours uninterrupted.

  • Electric toothbrushes. I recommend OralB for little kids as the brush head is small and they can use it easily on their own.

  • Mark it down. If you're having trouble remembering or they've had cavities, make a tooth brushing chart for them so they can mark it off.

  • Lead by example. Make sure your kids see you brush twice a day.

Sport safety.

  • Custom mouthguard. Call your dentist to make an appointment for a custom mouthguard. Every year, there are five million teeth that are displaced by accidents during sports in the US. We've seen injuries from surfing, skateboarding, soccer, football, basketball, biking, hockey, rollerblading, and volleyball. Don't wait before it's too late and you're dealing with a dental emergency.

  • Boil-and-bite mouthguard. If the a custom mouthguard isn't feasible find one at a local store. They will still help in protecting the teeth, tongue and jaw. Keep your child smiling long after practices and games.


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