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Dr. Hollander Joins Kahului Dental

Dr. Jesse Hollander relocated back to Hawaii from Medford, Oregon. He's been at Kahului

Dental for a month now working alongside Dr. Baxter. His bedside manner is warm and thoughtful. He brings with him positive energy and excitement about life.

He's received really positive reviews from patients and the staff.

Dr. Hollander has a unique background. He was born in Thailand and raised in Nepal for 16 years. His parents are both American citizens, but worked overseas in Nepal in healthcare and NGO’s. He attended an international school in Kathmandu and finished high school in Oregon. He went to Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

With his diverse upbringing, Dr. Hollander fits in Maui well. He has an understanding and appreciation for different cultures, religion and food. He has a strong belief in community health and genuine kindness to all people. You'll find he listens and provides all the treatment options available- including no treatment.

Dr. Hollander met his wife, Erica, in dental school. She is also a dentist currently completing a pediatric residency. They were married earlier this year (see their beautiful wedding photo above) and are excited to be back in Hawaii.

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